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Start with a one paragraph summary If editors of this wiki were involved then list them with links to their user pages eg. Dave Snowden

Client/context and needs

It is acceptable just to give a general description if the client cannot be named

What was done

narrative description Please link to method pages in this wiki - example given below:

A series of [[Safe to fail probes|experimental projects]] were created with a view to testing for the overall [[Coherence|coherence]] of the new strategy

What was learned

good and bad

What will happen next


This can include concept articles on this wiki, or any other articles for that matter as well as third party sites


Include 3- 5 keywords on what the case is about

Method Checkbox

Create a list as follows in addition to naming them in the body of the next

  • [[Method name]]

Standard keywords

  • Cynefin
  • SenseMaker
  • Knowledge
  • Narrative