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Overview of what the method is all about and in what circumstances it will be used

Prior knowledge

List of concepts and necessary understanding to use the method (it is OK to say none. This includes any key principles that need emphasising in this context. General principles are set out in in the facilitation article.


Factual description of what is needed together with lists of materials and the physical environment needed. Default is physical but see later section.


English text with any general instructions to be given at the start

For a minor method the table may be omitted

first instruction first set of tips

Do's and Don'ts

Simple bulleted list including common mistakes

Virtual running

Default is to state that it cannot be until we have developed and tested practice. If it can be run virtually then we describe it here.

It is acceptable to add a third column to the workflow if needed


Link to other articles on this wiki if they are relevant.


Specific articles can be referenced here

Blog posts

Link with commentary


Link to case articles here or third party material