List of current issues

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New items awaiting allocation by an admin


Critical issues

  1. Review the set up - for some reason SenseMaker is in the web address - see talk page for some wider comments on this and ADDITIONAL issues. Down to Ken if it stays on AWS or not - this is not confidential data
  2. legal agreements, privacy policy etc. into the standard footers
  3. The file upload page is giving a 500 error - expect this has not been configured -
  4. Page delete is not working
  5. Tool bar on edit pages
  6. Reference markup seems not to work - see Silent listening

Second tranche issues

  1. citation extensions / installing citation extension
  2. create templates, copying over from wikipedia as needed, that includes things like {{u|username}} and so on
  3. fun stuff and stars to go on people's user page - see my userpage (User:Snowded) on WIkipedia for examples
  4. Add thank you option on edits
  5. Specialist template to create triads
  6. Install maths latex editor capability Extensions Math and I am not sure if this is part of it or something else Displaying a formula