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This article covers basic style issues for editing articles


  • All article titles have lower case names after the first word
  • Cynefin should always be written Cynefin® as should SenseMaker®
  • If you want to reference an article and the context means you want to start with lower case then use [[Article name|name you want to use]]
  • Only use the 'minor edit' tag for things that you know everyone else would consider minor

Some basic markup language

This is italic text, while this is bold

All the standard HTML will normally work for example italics and bold as well as strike through

this is a first level subheading

this is a second level one try not to go deeper

Numbering uses hash

  1. first
  2. second

Bullets use *

  • first
  • second

four hyphens draw a line across the page

Talk page

Remember to indent your text with colons and ALWAYS Sign your comment

Colons work like this

Original comment

first reponse
response to the response
resonse to the response to the response
second response to the original comment

To sign, use four ~ (it is Alt-N on a Mac Keyboard) and you can create your own signature such as this: 06:28, 21 January 2021 (UTC)