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All new users should update their user page which includes a clear identification of who they are. If you want to keep your identity anonymous then please get in touch with Dave or any other administrator using the email link on their page.

General tasks=

  • Review templates as once they start to get used changes will be difficult
  • Existing articles need to be conformed to template and in general pared down a bit - comments have been confused with process etc
  • Grammar and spelling is an ongoing task
  • Adding references and improving them using wikimedia syntax rather than the basis <ref>text</ref> form
  • The glossary which includes translations needs expanding and new languages added. This may need some reformatting soon.

Pages to populate whenever you find something


  • Complex facilitation needs a tidy up and formatting - this is an assembly by the way, a collection of methods and principes. Some of the material may be better in separate articles.
  • The framework articles need to be created from Dave's latest blog posts then structured and tidied up. This may need to wait for the 400 error in image load to be resolved but just put INSERT IMAGE or similar where it should be for now
  • Methods used in Basecamps and any related cases, any referenced articles

EU Field Book

Methods and concepts related to the Field book need documenting - the link lists the main priorities with a training for documentation offer for those interested